Top 10 Websites for VJ Loops

Every genre of music requires a different visual style, you can’t play the same loops for every gig. Even if you have a big bank of clips or create your own loop, there is always a time when you need to pick up fresh content.

We all need VJ Loops, how long will you play the same bank again and again. Struggling to find new and different loops for your sets? Here we bring you the top 10 websites to download VJ loops from.

  1. Lime Art Group


    Lime Art Group has a huge repository of VJ Loops. Preparing for an EDM gig, wedding event or even a projection mapping show Lime Art Group has it all. You can choose from VJ loops, Video Mapping Toolkits, Video Mapping Loops, Video Footage (Green Screen) or Music and Sound FX clips, they really have made it easy to browse clips according to your shows requirements.
    Since the clips are curated by Lime Art Group, you can be sure to get very high-quality clips, that are made specifically for events.

  2. VJLoopsFarm

    VJLoopsFarm is one of the oldest VJ loops website. They offer a wide variety of loops and bundles that you can purchase. Specifically curated towards the live visual artist, you can find high-energy loops that go perfectly with the music. Lots of pattern loops, dancing girls and other such fun VJ loops.

  3. Beeple 

    This guy is a genius, been dishing out loops for a long long time now, best part they are all free. Not only can you download the loop, but you can also download the project file for Cinema4D to see exactly how he made the loop. There is no better place for a beginner to pick up free VJ loops and lots of them. Since they are free a lot of people use Beeple clips, therefore I would recommend downloading the project file and creating your own version if you can.

  4. Resolume Footage

    You simply can’t go wrong with these clips. Resolume is at the forefront of VJing. Curated clips from highly talented artists. Sold as bundles so you have an entire pack to play with. You simply can’t go wrong with Resolume visuals.

  5. VideoHive

    VideoHive has a lot of VJ loops you just need to go hunting. This site is geared towards video production and motion graphics in general, but if you search for VJ Loops, you will find some gems here. You can also find after effect templates, cinema4d projects, stock footage, and other elements to use in your own production.

  6. VJLoops

    Another great resource for VJ loops, they are perfect for music events or nightclub gigs. They have a huge selection of individual clips if you are looking for that unique effect. Perfect for corporate events as there are plenty of slow-paced decorative clips.

  7. Docoptic

    A site dedicated to VJ’s, not only do they have great loops to download, there are plenty of tutorials you can follow to improve your skills. They also offer generative clips for Resolume, which is great for creating audio-reactive content for your live gigs.

  8. VJGalaxy

    Looking for widescreen VJ loops? VJGalaxy is an independent artist who spins out some great content. You can find some unique clips here which you won’t find anywhere else. High-energy VJ Loops perfectly produced for larger than life shows. If you mainly play for music / DJ gigs, this can be your go-to place for VJ Loops.

  9. FreeLoopsTV

    These are not free loops, they have a small section with some free clips. The main difference is that you can get a monthly subscription which gives you access to loops. Keeping your bank fresh and updated every month. If you play regularly it could be worth a subscription. They have a huge selection of content to choose from.

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