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Top 10 Websites for stock video VJ Loops

Top 10 Websites for VJ Loops: List   Every genre of music requires a different visual style, you can’t play the same loops for every gig. Even if you have a big bank of clips or create your own loop, there is always a time when you need to pick up fresh content. We all need VJ Loops, how long will you play the same bank again and again. Struggling to find new and different loops for your sets? Here we bring you the top 10 websites to download VJ loops from.   LIME ART GROUP LimeArt has a huge repository of VJ Loops. Preparing for an EDM gig, wedding event or even a projection mapping show LimeArt has it all. You can choose from VJ loops, Video Mapping Toolkits, Video Mapping Loops, Video Footage (Green Screen) or Music and Sound FX clips, they really have made it easy to browse clips according to your shows requirements....
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